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handknits organic cotton baby clothes

Well.  Here we are, at December 1st.  The last month of a nutso year for me - how about you?

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm up for a month-long challenge, and this month feels like a good one to tackle.  Only...I'm stumped on the actual challenge.  I've thought about one post a day to Instagram, doing another Whole 30, going vegan, daily blog post (HA!), 10,000 steps...  I can't decide.  Can you help?  What has been one of your biggest challenges to yourself that you've attempted?  While we're thinking on that, here is what I've been up to lately...

I have been a knitting FOOL.  A friend turned me on to Shameless on Netflix, and I am already to season 5...which means I've had plenty of time to knit!  My kids have been looking desperately for their favorite socks to come through the laundry, but KNITTING!!  :D

handknit wool triangle scarf  



Another friend recruited me to make a few triangle scarves for her, so I've been working on these lovely things.  I've already marked a few of them as gifts for people I love, and maybe you'd like to, too!​  These kerchiefs can me made of wool or acrylic (for our vegan friends or those who might be allergic) and can be gift wrapped and mailed directly.  Click here to be directed to the listing!



 I am still so in love with these cowls!  I made and gifted some last year and they are always a hit.  They make the perfect teacher gift or stocking stuffer for our hard-to-buy-for family members or friends.  I have a few available to ship in time for Christmas, if you order by December 12th!  You can find them here - custom orders are always an option if you don't see one you like!

hand knit blue cowl

​And, also, too: these beautiful organic cotton infant gowns that are available in sizes NB - 9mos.  This fabric is so soft, and it makes me so happy to know that tiny little sweeties will be snug as little bugs in these sleep sacks!  These make thoughtful shower gifts and gift wrap is available for them, too!

       organic cotton infant gown      organic cotton baby clothes


Advent calendar   Do you remember the Christmas Countdown calendar that I made a few years ago?  My kids get SO EXCITED to bring this up and hang it in our dining room.  With the oldest off to college, the other three take turns - on their own, I promise! - pulling the little ornaments out of the pockets to hang on the tree. Thank goodness it's an even number! *eyetwitch*  

What are your favorite decorations to pull out of storage for the holidays? What is your favorite memory of gatherings when you were young?  I have favorites, too, but lately it's been watching my children.  The relationships that they have with each other are so sweet - but tough, at times - to witness. I hope you're enjoying your own as much as I am.









Christmas countdown craft

      Christmas countdown craft


Alright.  I supposed we've stalled long enough.  Back to the challenge!!  I have about 10 hours to decide and would love some help from you!  I'll update this post before bedtime with my choice.  

In the busy-ness of the holiday season, I hope we all remember to take care of ourselves and much as we take care of each other.  It's important to keep our cups full so that we can do the work of our lifetimes.  Be gentle and stay soft.  



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