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Hi, there!  You know how when you discover or know something super awesome, you just want to tell everyone you know about it?  Me, too!

I am fortunate to know several very creative women, many of whom own their own small businesses. They often run these businesses out of their homes, craft amidst a gaggle of children, work long after bedtime on their websites or Etsy shops and have a loving, respectful, cookie-gifting relationship with their postal carriers, UPS guys, or FedEx drivers.  I am so excited to share a few stories of these fine ladies with you today!


Sublime PotteryThe first person I'd like to mention is my friend, Amanda Joy of Sublime Pottery Studio.  You may remember my rave of her gorgeous Stellar notched tea mug that I had ordered around Christmas time.  I loved it so much, I ordered another, and I have my eye on a third.  Ha!  

Amanda works in her studio in Oklahoma.  Her artisan pottery is already so well loved, she sells out shortly after her restocks!  Her Facebook page has the latest information on her upcoming restocks and if you subscribe to her page, you get notifications when she's doing Live videos of the process of making her pottery!


Scentsable HealthI'm also crazy about Shannon at Scentsable Health!!  Shannon is an aromatherapist who has accumulated over 300 hours in compound, contraindication and blending training for safe usage of essential oils.  Scentsable Health is not an MLM company, but is instead a full service aromatherapy company offering ready made products, DIY kits, education, events and personal consults.  Every product is hand-crafted and hand-poured here in northeast Ohio by Shannon of organic, wildcrafted and natural products that are sustainably harvested, grown and supportive of the native lands they are produced in.

She specializes in (but is not limited to) family health, women's health, and anxiety care. Her Facebook page has the latest products and information on what she's working on.  She is passionate about safe essential oils usage for families.  


One of the many items that she creates are theseessential oils safety
 All About cards with loads of information on the oil, including the history, blending ideas, and safety information - priceless when we're using these oils for our children!

For those interested in gifting to someone they love, Shannon offers gift certificates!  Available from $25-100, this is the perfect gift for someone new to essential oils or someone who is well seasoned on the topic!


Which artists are you loving lately?  How are you caring for the creative part of your being?  What are you working on?  I'd love to know - please leave a comment for us!

Happy Spring!  Love, Create, and Be Still.  



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