About Us

During the Christmas holiday break of my second grade year, my sweet grandmother taught me to knit. I was enchanted by the clicks of her metal sticks as they slid in and out of the yarn, making knots and loops. My mother is a crocheter and couldn't help me when I fumbled the sticks at home, so I had to wait until I saw my grandmother next to refresh my young skill. Over the years, the craft sunk in and I was able to knit for my children from their early ages, through cloth diapering stages, into bigger bodied sweaters...and now for you! Grandma grew up during the Depression and told me stories of that time during our lessons (did you know that during the school day the girls were asked to knit scarves and hats for the soldiers...?). Before she passed a few years ago, I was given the cedar chest that my grandfather gave her as a wedding gift so long ago, which now holds all of my yarns, sticks, a couple of big projects and a few favorite pieces that I've made for my children. 

My mother made our clothes as we were growing up (didn't most moms?) and finally taught me how to sew when I was in fifth grade...but wouldn't let me touch her machine. Ha! I loved going to the fabric store with her and perusing the material, daydreaming of what I'd combine to make something...all while not touching her machine. As a mother of a fifth grade daughter, I understand her hesitation - back then, machines rarely broke, but if they did, the repair person was many miles away - so I bought my daughter her own machine and have taught her to sew, as well. I love sharing my sewing space with her and seeing what she creates, either from a pattern or her imagination! My sibs and I are too old now to make clothes for, I suppose, so my mom shifted her focus to sewing for her grandchildren and quilting about fifteen years ago, and she is amazing!! - and I caught the quilting bug, of course.

On behalf of all handmade artists, thank you so much for your support. We couldn't be here or grow our businesses without you. 

Peace and Love, Love, Love -