Why is organic cotton the best choice for my family?

Every time we consumers consider a purchase, we are casting a vote.  That vote can set the standard for pricing on a particular item, discourage inappropriate wording or graphics on a shirt for our child, encourage fair labor practices for the individual(s) who assembled the piece, or even discourage the use of pesticides in crops all over the world, whether food or fiber. We vote, and our vote has power!
organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown and harvested from it's GMO-free-seed beginnings without the use of harmful chemicals and uses much less water than it's conventional cousin.  This means that your vote supports clean farming, water conservation, and healthy soil through crop rotation.


 When you purchase items made with GOTS certified organic cotton, you can be assured that the workers are paid a fair wage under good working conditions, as well as being protected from harmful pesticides and insecticides in the air and on their skin.


organic cotton children's clothes

Wash after wash, organic cotton keeps getting softer!  It is the best choice for those  with sensitive skin or sensory challenges.  The wash-and-wear nature of this breathable fabric will quickly make your organic cotton items the ones you reach for  first!